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Every year NetSuite recognises the achievements of its top performing solution providers internationally. Announced every year, the NetSuite Star Awards cover the business performance by partners during the previous calendar year.

BlueBridge One’s performance during 2011 has been recognised with a NetSuite 3 Star Award. We are one of only two partners (out of a total of 46 EMEA partners) that achieved this status in 2011. This is the first time that 3 Star Awards have been achieved by EMEA or UK NetSuite Solution Providers.

We were pipped to the top spot this time, but that is just going to make BlueBridge One work even harder to deliver added value to our NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP solution customers this coming year.

Roll on the NetSuite Star Awards 2012 announcements…

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Traditionally the big players in the enterprise software market have provided on-premise solutions that require upfront capital outlays and repeating costs for upgrades and maintenance. In addition to this customers face the cost of maintaining their own IT infrastructures.

However, in a period of economic uncertainty, its time for everyone to examine the value proposition of this model. For businesses that depend on enterprise software, this has never been more important consideration. With fast moving world events shifting markets and the business environment in an instant state of flux, many businesses more than ever need flexibility and systems that provide a real-time end-to-end view of their business.

If we examine the traditional approach we can easily unpick the ‘value’ of the big players; proprietary databases; escalating on-premise overheads such as footprint, energy and infrastructure costs. And then there’s the ‘software wagging the business’ - the tendency for the software to force your organisation to conform to the way it wants things done.

NetSuite’s cloud-based delivery model blows the lid off the traditional approach by removing direct footprint, energy and infrastructure costs, with customers paying for usage not ownership.

BlueBridge One is experienced in tailoring NetSuite’s enterprise software platform to provide vertical solutions for growing and mid-size businesses, allowing customers to focus on their business, not on their software.

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As a leading provider of business management solutions for growing and mid-size organisations we thought it was high time we started blogging to exploit the benefits of this social media channel for both existing and potential customers.

Our solutions are built around NetSuite, the world leader in cloud-based business management software. Being both a Star Awards Solution Provider and Solution Development Network Partner means that there is never a ‘no news’ week at BlueBridge One. Our customer focused approach means that we always have something to communicate to our BlueBridge One customer and partner community.

This may relate to product developments or upcoming releases, service or support updates, or a relevant news topic. The blog is the ideal channel for us to share news and thoughts. Our in-house team will help keep you better wired to the network and in the loop with information that helps you get the best value out of our services and solutions.

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