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BlueBridge One guide - Disrupted trading relationships: Gain competitive advantage from disruptive change

The wind blows and change comes

Disruptive change has the capability to provide major shocks. What such changes may mean for individual markets and the businesses which contest them depends on the nature of change. They often upset the status quo and bring opportunity.

For example, a new vacuum cleaner manufacturer comes up with an important innovation that causes an upheaval. Some contestors of the market may be losers and some might be winners, but the impact is just limited to that market sector.

However, macro-economic change releases widespread disruptive forces that impact entire markets and economies. For example, Brexit is impacting the value of Sterling and political events in South Africa are continuing to impact the Rand.

While this has implications for all businesses, it is of far greater significance for those that have been riding the wave of globalisation by trading across borders, sourcing product and distributing in-country, regionally or globally.

Many may have already embraced disruptive change by adopting the multi-channel business model, so the general concept and the risk and opportunity that is coupled to it are well understood.

Now, with another disruptive change upon us, essentially, every wholesale distribution business needs to consider whether it is taking pre-emptive steps to ensure its ERP system lets it manage risk and seize opportunities resulting from Brexit and changes in globalisation.

Be better prepared for disruptive change

Our new guide, ‘Disrupted trading relationships: Gain competitive advantage from disruptive change’, considers how product distributors are better able to insulate their businesses from the shock of disruptive forces and prosper in an ever-changing business climate.

The guide discusses:

  • Brexit, risk and opportunity and the coming changes to international trade
  • Specific questions which help to indicate how well you are prepared for change
  • The importance of flexible ERP software technology based business systems

Competitive advantage from disruptive change with BlueBridge One

Quite simply, the guide helps owners, managers and those with responsibility for technology in multichannel distribution companies to better understand how to turn disruptive change into competitive advantage.

You can click here to download a free copy of the guide.

BlueBridge One is a NetSuite 5-Star Award winning system integrator that specialises in partnering with product distribution businesses. We specialise in delivering the benefits of a flexible ERP application that really adapts to what you need and what’s going on in the wider business world.

If you would like to discuss how ERP software lets you adapt to change your business or is able to really support it by enabling response to change the operating environment, simply get in touch today.

How do you turn disruptive change into competitive advantage?

Download our white paper to find out what steps you need to take.

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