Have you ever thought about how much your ERP actually costs? Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer – the answer’s the same as the length of the proverbial piece of string – it depends.


We digest the latest report to come out of independent consulting firm Lumenia, as it discusses the numerous variables impacting the true cost of ERP.

Personalisation and customisation seem to be the top buzzwords on the tip of analysts tongues these days. And rightfully so. Consumers expect highly personalised shopping experiences from retailers and are willing to spend more money for it. However, there seems to be a disconnect of perception when it comes to retailers, consumers and the personalisation experience they are getting


Oracle NetSuite Executive Vice President Evan Goldberg spent the opening keynote of SuiteWorld19 laying out a vision of how NetSuite customers can reach their “True North”—and how NetSuite can help get them there.

For the American Cancer Society, that True North is to “save lives, celebrate lives and lead the fight for a world without cancer,” said Rob King, CFO of the 105-year old organization.

OK..so we're not saying you should rely on a crystal ball to see what your future looks like (although each to their own) - but the endearing Professor
Trelawney had the right idea.  Looking ahead at what's coming down the line is just plain common sense when you are running any business.  But this is particularly true for retailers.

There are many challenges distribution companies face, but one topic of conversation refuses to quieten down. The importance of delivering seamless online customer experiences so that the customers you have spent a small fortune trying to win, remain with you ...... and even better-become super fans. With the evergreen threat of Amazon Business (read our recent blog post here on that) showing no signs of slowing down, it is key that distribution companies of any type must become truly agile and deliver on high customer expectations (whilst keeping an eye on pricing and the bottom line).