Automating AR Statements

24 October 2013 | BlueBridge One

Being on top of your AR collections is important. To help with this process customers often ask how to create an automated process for emailing out AR Statements on a regular basis. Read how you can effectively automate the AR process in NetSuite. To automate the process perform the following steps:

Create a Customer Saved Search to select customers who you want to receive an AR Statement

Create a simple workflow to trigger emailing the statement based on the Saved Search results

Setting up the Saved Search
Create a customer type saved search. The criteria for the saved search can vary depending on your requirements for sending out a statement. For example you may want to send out a statement to include all customers at month-end, only customers who become 1 day overdue on a daily basis or only customers who have an overdue balance at month-end. So you will need to adjust the criteria to select the customers you want included.

Setting up the Workflow
Create a workflow for the Customer record and set a daily schedule for the workflow. You create a single state with a Send Email action and a Set Field Value action for the ‘Email Scheduled’ option on the Customer record. After you create the workflow, NetSuite runs the saved search daily or monthly depending on your requirements.

To create the workflow:

Go to Setup > Customisation > Workflow > New.

In the Name field, enter ‘Send AR Statements’.

On the Record Type and Sub Types fields, select Customer.

On the Release Status field, select Released.

Under Initiation, select Scheduled.

Under Scheduled, select the saved search you created above on the Saved Search dropdown and select ‘Daily’ or “Monthly” on the Frequency dropdown. By default, on the Daily schedule, SuiteFlow runs the saved search every calendar day at midnight.

Click Save.

To create a state, click New State and enter ‘AR Statements’ for the state name and click the Do Not Exit Workflow checkbox. Click Save.

In the workflow diagram, select the state.

Create a Send Email action with the following settings:

In the Trigger On field, select Scheduled.

In the Schedule area, set Time of Day.

Select the email sender.

Select the recipient of the email. You can use the email address of the customer.

Specify the content of the email. You can select a template or enter the email details manually.

Click Save.