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NetSuite Project Management for NetSuite | Manage Project Resources
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NetSuite Project Management


NetSuite Project Management lets you manage your professional services organisation more effectively with integrated project/job tracking and reporting. With NetSuite, you can automate project/job creation when specific services are sold, and automatically track percent complete and time budgeted and spent on project tasks. Reports for utilization and backlog help you analyze your employees' workload and efficiency. Estimated job profitability reporting compares your projected loaded labor cost on projects against expected billings.

Why NetSuite Advanced Project Accounting?

Manage Multiple Project Types

NetSuite manages multiple types of projects including time and materials, fixed price, and cost plus projects.


Automate Job Creation

You can automate job creation by identifying service items that will require a job; then, sales orders for those items go into a queue where you can assign ID and project manager, and bulk create many jobs with one click. 


Organize Tasks and Activities

NetSuite also organizes tasks, calls and events, linking them to specific projects. Information regarding clients is managed in one place so resource tracking(more...)