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Customer Loyalty Scheme

Reward customers for their loyalty. Operate a fully automated loyalty scheme. Customers earn points when they buy and are rewarded with gift vouchers which they can redeem on future purchases placed with you.
Edition Supported:NetSuite
Countries Supported:All
Support & Maintenance:Included
Authored by:BlueBridge One
Current Version:1.4
Required External Service/Software:None
SKU: Customer Loyalty Scheme (SCA Ready)
Annual Licence Fee per NetSuite site (Account Number).



Loyalty schemes are great for customer retention but can be a real pain to administer. Our Customer Loyalty Scheme SuiteApp takes the hassle out running a scheme by providing a completely automated solution.

Rules you set determine how many points each sale earns. In NetSuite you can easily see a customer's points balance on their Customer record,as well as their points history. Customers can see this information too in the Customer Centre and you can embed their current points balance in your store if you wish. Each time they earn points customers receive a customisable gift certificate email with their latest points balance. And when their balance reaches a configurable limit they are automatically emailed a gift certificate as a reward. The value of the gift certificate is fully configurable, often calculated by redeeming some or all of their balance.

NetSuite also tracks the cost of running the scheme, so you don't have to.

Also included with this SuiteApp are the features found in our Gift Certificates Extender, making the management of loyalty gift certificates simpler and faster.

The Loyalty Scheme SuiteApp applies to all Sales Orders including Web Orders.