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Electronic Leave Processing

Record leave entitlements and leave days utilised, submit leave requests and manage the entire approval process directly in your NetSuite account.
Edition Supported:All except NetSuite Small Business
Countries Supported:All
Support & Maintenance:Included
Authored by:BlueBridge One
Current Version:2.0.0
Required External Service/Software:None
SKU: Electronic Leave Processing
Annual Licence Fee per NetSuite site (Account Number).
  • Generate online leave requests via NetSuite. 
  • Record employee annual leave entitlements and utilisation.
  • Automatically generate leave approval requests to an employees designated supervisors
  • Manage multiple leave types.
  • Supports leave carry overs from one year to the next.
  • Employees can login and view their leave status via the NetSuite "Employee Centre" (or any other role).

  • No more need to maintain manual leave records.
  • Online access ensures employees have real-time visibility of their leave records.
  • Online authorisation processing ensures all leave is accurately processed and properly authorised.
  • Real-time access provides up to the minute management reporting.
  • Online employee self-service access reduces administration costs.



Managing and recording employee leave can be a tedious administrative task especially in today’s working environments where employees often work remotely.

With this SuiteApp Employees can view their entitlement and used days and enter requests for leave via the NetSuite Employee Centre (or another role). These leave requests are then routed to the employees designated supervisor for approval/rejection. At any stage employees can click the My Leave Entitlement link to view their current entitlement, number of days left etc. Clicking My Leave Requests displays a list of requests and their status.

When a new request is created the approver gets an email stating they have a request to approve.  A link on the email takes them to the request record on which they can change its status and enter notes on the approval/rejection. When a request is approved or rejected the requestor gets an email updating them on whether their request has been approved or rejected.