Advanced Inventory

NetSuite Advanced Inventory | Matix Items/Units of Useage/Serial Numbering/Lot Management/Landed Cost /Barcoding
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SKU: Advanced Inventory - Mid Market Edition


NetSuite enhances inventory visibility with tracking and control capabilities to manage every stage of the lifecycle and control costs. NetSuite Advanced Inventory provides:

**Matrix item management to stock and sell similar products in various colors, sizes and style combinations and simplify SKU creation and pricing.

**Landed cost allocation according to weight, value or quantity.

**Serialized inventory to track purchases and sales by assigning a serial number to each item.

**Lot management to track the purchase, stock and sale of a group of items by assigning a specific number to the group.

**Bin management to organize and track the exact location of items in stock in your warehouse(s).

**Printable bar codes and item labels with transaction numbers on sales orders, packing slips and invoices.

**Various forms to run day-to-day supply chain operations, including inventory count sheet, manufacturing dispatch list and manufacturing traveler.

**Periodic inventory counts that automatically calculate on-hand item quantities at any time in any location.