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BlueBridge One Data Surety

Data Surety Suite App can help customers save time, money, and resources by avoiding costly data errors.

With such high costs and undesirable consequences associated with bad data, NetSuite customers can now ensure their key contact information is accurate and verified in just a few clicks. 

BlueBridge One Data Surety SuiteApp for NetSuite helps companies continually verify their customer, prospect, supplier and vendor information, and as a result they can slash operational costs by avoiding time consuming errors and improve overall marketing performance.
Edition Supported:NetSuite
Countries Supported:All
Support & Maintenance:Included
Authored by:BlueBridge One Solutions
Current Version:1.0
Required External Service/Software:PCA Predict
£150.00 to £400.00
SKU: Data Surety
£150.00 to £400.00


  1. The only SuiteApp providing real-time and batch verification of key relationship data for NetSuite users including email addresses, phone numbers, postcodes/zip codes, postal addresses and bank details.
  2. Verify and cleanse against accurate international data from over 240 countries.  
  3. A native SuiteApp means verification functionality is available right inside NetSuite. 
  4. Easy to use standard NetSuite user interface.
  5. Batch verify and cleanse data in just a few clicks. 
  6. Reduce operational costs and customer returns with correct shipping data.
  7. Increase conversion rates on marketing campaigns with validated email addresses.
  8. Improve customer services delivery levels with accurate phone numbers.
  9. Reduce banking errors and potential liabilities with automatically checked bank details (UK only).

Data Surety Modules

Postcode Lookup

Interactive Validation

Batch Validation

Address Cleansing

International Data Verification
UK Data Verification
Verify Postcodes/ZIP Addresses
Verify Email Addresses
Verify Phone Numbers
Verify Bank Account Details (UK Only)
Postcodes/ZIP Cleansing