5 ways to increase conversions in your eCommerce store

3 March 2017 | BlueBridge One

So you’ve dipped your toe into the digital waters, and launched an eCommerce site to support and expand your wholesale distribution business. At this point, hopefully you’re seeing a steady stream of traffic as a result of promotional and marketing activities – but are those visitors converting into tangible sales? If you’re getting the hits, but not seeing completed transactions, here are 5 tips for reducing that bounce rate and improving conversion rates.

1. Putting product in the frame

We all like to know exactly what we’re getting before we buy, and it’s no different online. Just because visitors can’t physically handle your product, doesn’t mean they don’t want to inspect it carefully – which is why high quality, professional images are a must. Provide a range of angles and scenarios in which the item can be viewed, and make sure the product is accurately and fairly represented in order to avoid buyer disappointment, and ultimately, returns. If you can include well produced video descriptions or tutorials to provide further information, customers are likely to be more engaged with your stock, and more prone to buy.

2. Reviews and reinforcements

Turning a browser into a buyer can often be managed with the use of reviews and testimonials, as seeing how a product has worked for someone else, and how great the service was, brings a positive association to the shopping experience. When we’re contemplating a purchase, reading the success stories of others who’ve already parted with their hard-earned cash can reinforce our sense of reassurance, inclusion and desire to buy – by going one step further and including photographs of happy customers, you encourage viewers to visualise themselves also enjoying your wares.

3. Convincing copy

Great sales patter isn’t just limited to the showroom – the copy that is displayed upon your website, and used to describe your products, should be professionally written in order to persuade and inform potential customers. eCommerce sites that display grammatical or spelling errors, or flat, unhelpful or confusing text, product information and calls to action are a poor advertisement for your brand, so invest in copywriting that will be accurate, concise, and that strongly supports your marketing efforts. The right copy can also push the buying buttons – whether you use emotive reasons why a product can change someone’s life, or describe something in convincingly practical terms, your writing should leave visitors in no doubt as to why they should make a purchase. Right now.

4. The shipping staller

Many online transactions nosedive when they reach checkout – usually due to shipping charges. Delivery costs that are perceived to be too high can mean sudden death to a full eCommerce basket, which is why such a large percentage of merchants offer free, or low-cost shipping. Whatever your rates, make your costs transparent and available to view across the site, rather than hidden until the payment stage, as the perceived surprise will have many clicking off, rather than checking out. The time in which products may take to arrive can also be an off-putting factor, so ensure your estimates are as prompt as possible, and that a selection of delivery services is available for those who wish to receive their items quicker.

5. Wait, come back!

Cart abandonment is common among online shoppers, even as we reach the final steps towards purchase. If this is happening regularly on your site, you need to identify why buyers are turning away at the last moment – after all, they like your products enough to select them, so why aren’t they financially committing?

As we grow savvier online, many visitors will be comparing products with rival brands even up until the last moments of checkout, so ensure that your prices match favourably, and that you offer deal sweeteners and differentiators, such as free shipping, discounts, gifts or loyalty schemes. It’s also important to review your checkout process and site functionality – is the registration process too complex, is your site too slow or are you using unwelcome data capture methods? Offering a quicker process using ‘guest checkouts’, or automatically following up by reminder email to those who have abandoned their carts can also yield strong results.

Improve conversions with NetSuite

The CommerceSuite system from NetSuite provides the following key tools for increasing customer engagement and conversions when managing your Netsuite eCommerce platform:

  • Show real-time inventory data upon your site
  • Promote engagement with social media sharing functions
  • Cultivate brand trust with ratings and reviews
  • Connect your product catalogues directly to customers’ e-procurement system
  • Provide B2B payment methods such as invoice billing, credit limits and ACH processing
  • Devise and implement a solid B2B mobile strategy
  • Password protect selected content such as price lists or catalogues
  • Offer real time self-service customer help and processing centre

The only way is up for eCommerce conversions

BlueBridge One are experts in utilising NetSuite to maximise the potential of your eCommerce store. Implementing leading business management software will help you to stay in control and increase the revenue you generate online, a key metric for today’s wholesale distribution businesses. To find out how BlueBridge One can guide you through the use of NetSuite to reach your operational goals talk to us today.

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