21 May 2013 | BlueBridge One

If you use NetSuite for your webstore and want to improve the customer experience and convert more visitors to buyers, this article outlines 5 useful add-on’s that will enhance your Netsuite webstore. The add-on’s mentioned below are called Suite Extenders and have been developed by BlueBridge One. Suite Extenders are customisation bundles developed following requests from customers over the past few years.

1. Blog Manager

Netsuite Blog Manager

One limitation the NetSuite platform has is the lack of built-in blogging software or the possibility to host your blog outside NetSuite whilst having the blog URL, part of your shop domain. For example if your webstore URL is www.myshop.com, you cannot host your blog outside NetSuite and still have this URL: www.myshop.com/blog.

Having the blog as part of your domain has SEO advantages because your blog will add SEO value to your domain and will improve your search engine rankings.

If you host your blog outside NetSuite ­– using popular blogging software such as WordPress – you will have to choose a different domain or sub domain such as blog.myshop.com. The general consensus is that Google treats sub-domains as a different website, hence the SEO and ranking benefits are not passed on from your blog on a sub-domain. You can read more about this at seomoz.org.

The Blog Manager Suite Extender is a comprehensive blog management tool, which allows you to manage all your blogs directly from NetSuite with no third party service required.

Features of the Blog Manager Suite Extender include:

  • Blog styled to fit within your site’s existing style and the possibility to fully customise the look and feel
  • Automatically archive articles and display archived links in the sidebar
  • Allow Blog readers to post comments
  • Set up moderators to approve/reject reader comments
  • Provides SEO optimisation through control over page title, URL component, meta tags and HTML for control of SEO elements
  • Display latest blogs widget on home page
  • Enhanced NetSuite HTML editor for easy blog post editing

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2. Product Reviews

Netsuite Product Reviews Add-on

User reviews are a well-proven sales tool; there are plenty of surveys that show how important they are to online shoppers when making a purchase decision. In this article Retail Week refers to a YouGov survey that revealed 81% of consumers use reviews when shopping online.

There are however two types of reviews: The first one is customer review about the overall shopping experience, often managed by a verifaiable third party review system.

The second type are product reviews whereby a shopper leaves feedback about a particular product after purchasing the product. The benefits of managed product reviews are that you can moderate them and they also add valuable user generated content to your product pages.

  • The BlueBridge One Product Reviews Suite Extender adds the product review capability to your NetSuite webstore.
  • Features of Product Reviews Suite Extender include:
  • Customer reviews use the general styling of HTML elements included in your website’s existing stylesheets.
  • Setup moderators to approve/reject product reviews. Moderators are emailed when new reviews need approval
  • Fully templated and HTML and the form can be customised

3. Customer Loyalty Scheme

Netsuite loyalty point suite extender

According to Inc., it costs a business about 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one – and on average current customers spend 67% more than a new one.

Implemented correctly, loyalty schemes have proven to be an effective way of rewarding your best customers in a way that keeps them coming back.

Features of the Customer Loyalty Scheme Extender include:

  • Reward customers for their loyalty
  • Operate a fully automated loyalty scheme on your web store
  • Customers earn points when they buy and are rewarded with gift vouchers
  • Gift vouchers can redeem on future purchases
  • Rules can be set determining how many points each sale earns

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4. Webstore Geo Targeter IP Address

Netsuite Geo Targetting

If you want to direct visitors from different countries to different landing pages then this can be achieved with Geo Targeting. This will enable you to display country specific pages without the need of having a separate website.

The script detects the user’s country from their IP address and then uses this to redirect them, using a list of countries and targeted URLs which you define.

The SuiteExtender geotargets IP addresses using either a free online service or, for greater accuracy, MaxMind’s Geo IP Country service.

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5.  Webstore Postcode lookup

Netsuite post code lookup

Enable your Webstore Customers to automatically fill out their address details by simply searching on their Postcode.

The ability for webstore visitors to quickly and easily setup an account enhances the customers buying experience and makes them more likely to return to your site.

The Postcode Lookup SuiteExtender enables webstore visitors to quickly enter their address by entering only their postcode and then selecting a building number. The address fields in NetSuite are then automatically populated with the correct Royal Mail approved details making address entry a snap for visitors and ensures the accuracy of the data supplied.

What you get: A postcode lookup field embedded in the NetSuite Webstore which allows visitors to lookup their address by postcode, select their building and then automatically populate the NetSuite address fields.