15 Years In Business & 5 Star Partner Status – Here’s what we know

21 March 2018 | BlueBridge One
15 Years In Business & 5 Star Partner Status – Here’s what we know

So we recently turned 15. Luckily the teenage rage hasn’t kicked in and we haven’t killed each other yet! In fact quite the reverse. Things are going really well. We have just celebrated our 15 year anniversary as a trusted partner to NetSuite. And today, we have just been awarded 5 Star Partner status for the fifth year in a row from NetSuite.  We are really really chuffed.

But that’s not why we are sharing this news with you.  Sure it’s great to celebrate 15 years in business…we are really proud of our hard working team that helped us get there, and thankful to our clients for sticking with us through the years .  What we wanted to do is take a look back over the last 15 years. It’s remarkable just how far we have come. Not only have we helped our customers grow with NetSuite, but we have grown too using exactly the same platform.

NetSuite is the number 1 ERP cloud based solution for ambitious companies who are committed to success in all its glory.  It’s trusted by 40,000+ organisations around the world.

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The BlueBridge Team.