Frequently asked questions about NetSuite's management of customer data.
Application Security
Does NetSuite provide security to restrict viewing of reports and screens based on the User role?
Audit Trails
Does NetSuite provide Audit Trail functionality?
Security Certifications
What security certifications does NetSuite have?
Data Security
What kind of security does NetSuite provide during data transmission?
Data Storage
Where is all NetSuite data stored and who is responsible for managing it?
Hosted Service
Is NetSuite a hosted (SaaS) service?
In-House Server
Can I run NetSuite on a on-premise server?
IP Security
Does NetSuite support IP address access control?
Managing Server Resources
Does NetSuite manage Server resource allocation between customers?
Shared Servers
Do I share a server with other NetSuite users?
User Authentication
How do NetSuite Users authenticate themselves?
Transaction Volumes
How many transactions does NetSuite process annually?
Data Centres
How many data centres does NetSuite have?