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Google Gadgets for NetSuite

Google Gadgets powered by Google are miniature objects built by Google users. They offer dynamic content that can be placed on any web page and come in handy when you're at work (to-do list, currency converter, calendar, flight schedules, clocks), at school (calculator, Wikipedia, translation tool), or just passing time (news, blogs, games). Using the Google Gadgets for NetSuite SuiteExtender you can now easliy embed Google Gadgets in any NetSuite users dashboard.

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Google Gadgets for NetSuite is a FREE SuiteExtender provided by BlueBridge One. It is not time limited. We offer many predefined gadgets including: Analogue Clock, Currency Converter, Dictionary, Digital Clock, Flight Status, IP Tracker, Live TV, Stock Portfolio, Stock Ticker, This Day History, Translator, Visual dictionary, World Weather and YouTube. To view a full list of available Google Gadgets go to the Google Gadgets Directory.

To enable Google Gadgets in your NetSuite Account all you need to do is submit your details including your NetSuite Account number below. We will then email you a zero value Statement of Work which you can approve by simply clicking the email acceptance link and accepting our terms. Once we receive your approval we will email you setup instructions on how to setup Google Gadgets on your NetSuite dashboard.

Note: This SuiteExtender does not support Google Chrome browsers.