Troubleshooting steps for performance issues on the client side

Possible troubleshooting steps for performance issues on the client side are as follows:  

1. Close all the applications you are not using. If you need to run more than one application consider increasing your computer resources.

2. Check your Security Defender (Anti Spyware/Virus/Phishing) firewall application. Some of these applications check the page before loading it on your browser; this check can cause a delay.

3. Remove any spyware that could be using your computer's resources.

4. Test on different browsers. You can install Firefox on your computer for free. Load the page using Firefox, then load the page using Internet Explorer. Use the browser that displays the page faster.

5. Determine whether there are add-ons running on your browser, like Anti Virus, Anti SPAM, or phishing? Eliminate browser add-ons, one by one, to identify the cause of the issue.

Another suggestion is to use Internet Explorer with no add-ons to check if perhaps issue is being caused by an add-on or a plug-in to the browser.