System Performance Preferences

NetSuite includes many preferences that you can modify in order to configure your system for optimum performance. To review available preference options, go to Home > Set Preferences. Adjust the following preferences to speed page loading:

1. On the Appearance tab, Centres & Dashboards section, set the Landing Page preference to open NetSuite to a page of your choosing other than the Home page. Setting this preference opens the application on the page you visit most frequently.

2. On the General tab, Optimising NetSuite section:

  • Enable the Delay Loading of Sublists preference to initially load NetSuite pages without data on subtabs. When this preference is enabled, the data on each subtab is loaded only when the subtab is clicked. This shortens the initial page loading time.
  • Set the Number of Rows in List Segments preference to a lower number in order to speed the loading of pages containing long lists. A segment size of 50 is recommended. When a page includes a long list of records, the list is divided into segments, with one segment loaded at a time. Resetting this preference decreases the size of each segment.
  • Set the Maximum Entries in Dropdowns preference to a lower number in order to speed the loading of pages containing dropdown menus with large numbers of options. A setting of 50 or less is recommended, unless you find your workflow requires larger menus. Any list with more results than this setting appears in a popup instead of a dropdown. Using popup lists speeds page load time. With dropdown list fields, all values in a list are loaded when you access a page. With popup list fields, the lists are not loaded until you search for an item or click the list icon. You can quickly search and automatically complete fields by entering just the first few letters of the item and pressing the Tab key on your keyboard.