Optimise Search Performance

Going through a large number of stored records can slow down search results. Review the following tips for managing search performance.

  1. Avoid the “Contains” Condition in Searches The “contains” condition is one of the most resource-expensive search mechanisms. Try to replace this condition wherever possible in order to improve search performance. If all the records you want to retrieve begin with the value you are attempting to match, use “starts with” or “keywords” instead of “contains”.

  2. Scheduling Long-Running Saved Searches NetSuite offers you the option of scheduling saved searches and having results emailed to the recipients you choose, so you do not have to stop your work to wait for long-running searches. On the Email subtab of a Saved Search definition page, you can choose the date or dates when you want to run the search, and select one or more recipients for emailed search results. Scheduled saved searches are run at 2 a.m. Pacific time on selected dates.