Geo reporting cached address clearing

Geo Reporting uses the Google Maps to locate addresses, then for speed, caches the found location in NetSuite in the custom "Geo Cache" record that is added as part of our bundle. Very occasionally the locating process goes wrong and incorrect details get cached. This was the case here. I manually deleted the cached address for this customer and then redisplayed the map. This caused the address to be located again using Google and it now appears on the map correctly. 

To delete a cached address in geo reporting navigate to Setup > Customisation > Record Types, then click Search next to the Geo Cache record. In the name field type part of the address text and click Search. Review the results and find the problem address, then delete this record. If you are not sure which record is incorrect you can safely delete any record from this list - or even all - the next time an address is to be displayed on a map and its location is not cached it will be regenerated automatically. 

The cached location of addresses also expire after 30 days, so this problem would have gone away automatically after the problem address had expired.