Gmail (Google mail)

Our NetSuite Email Logger does support certain types of Gmail accounts.

1. Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Education.

The Email Logger will work with both Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education accounts. To configure the Email Logger to run with Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Education accounts you will need to setup the following:

  1. Create a new Google Apps user whose mailbox will be used to collect copies of all messages sent and received.  This is called the archive mailbox.
  2. Configure domain-level routing in Google Apps to deliver copies of all incoming and outgoing mail to the archive mailbox.
  3. Configure the archive mailbox to enable access by the BlueBridge One Email Integration app.
  4. Disable spam filtering for the archive mail.
  5. Configure the BlueBridge One Email Integration app to collect email from the archive mailbox.

Detailed setup steps are available on request from our support team if required at

2. Individual Gmail or free Google Apps Account

Please note that the Auto Email Logger will not work with individual gmail or free Google Apps accounts.

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