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Archive for May 2017

Uncertain times call for flexible technology

26th May 2017

Never a good time…

Uncertainty creates indecision. Indecision causes delay. Indecision leads to paralysis. Paralysis can be the death-knell of a business. For much of the last decade, uncertainty over the future has been very widespread, and it continues to be so. Indeed, it’s not unrealistic to speculate that we may now have just as much certainty as we are going to get ever again.

From the real impacts of Brexit to the influence of Donald Trump on globalisation, the business world may be characterised as uncertain and prone to sudden and disruptive change. One thing over which businesses often exhibit uncertainty-led indecision is technology investment.

Even without the influence of global uncertainty, just like the arrival of the stork with a new-born, some might say there is never a good time to change ERP systems. However, just like we cannot put off accepting the gift of a new arrival when it turns up, software investment decisions cannot be deferred indefinitely, while we wait for more certain times to arrive.

Planning for uncertainty and flexibility

When it comes to selecting software, we can plan for uncertainty by looking for applications that provide flexibility. One might be forgiven for feeling that flexibility is an over-used virtue when it comes to software. However, there’s a good reason why.

The expression ‘Wag the Dog’ means that something of relative unimportance has assumed a dominant position. If we apply it by saying ‘the software is wagging the business’, we mean that a business application is restricting the business by limiting what the business can do and how it can react to a changing trading environment

For many, this is untenable. A business application needs to be flexible and support your business as a continually changing business environment demands.

Quite simply, in today’s world uncertainty is a given. It is something we must keep in mind when making ERP software investment decisions. When a business is able to respond quickly it is more competitive. Being stuck on older, rigid legacy systems will not help the cause.

Flexible ERP adapts to your business and to change

Expanding on this concept of software flexibility, it follows that software should also be capable of adapting to change. Change might be process changes, such as alterations to business operations. It might also be the ability to adapt to changes in the operating environment.

As an example, supposing your business has done really well in opening up in a new territory, so much so that you want to create a new country subsidiary as a separate entity through which to channel, process and report all the business transacted in the region.

Conventional, legacy ERP applications are often rigid and inflexible and cannot adapt to the requirement. You may need to commission two completely fresh systems and junk the existing one. This is a major upheaval likely to cause disruption.

Supposing though, that you had a system that could cope with such a change and allow you to reconfigure the software to match the shape of the business without junking existing investment and without disruption?

If creating another entity is an extreme example, take the case of Brexit, which is likely to create significant complexity to tax reporting and compliance for many UK companies pretty soon. In today’s globalised marketplace, every product distributor needs a flexible ERP application that can really adapt.

Flexible ERP from BlueBridge One

BlueBridge One is a NetSuite 5-Star Award winning system integrator that specialises in partnering with product distribution businesses. We specialise in delivering the benefits of a flexible ERP application that really adapts to what you need and what’s going on in the wider business world.

If you would like to discuss how to plan for uncertainty with software that adapts to changes in our business or the operating environment, simply get in touch today.

Meet BlueBridge One at IT Showcase Wembley on the 23rd May

2nd May 2017

Join BlueBridge One as we attend IT Showcase this month in the capital.

On Tuesday 23rd May, BlueBridge One will be in attendance as an official exhibitor at IT Showcase. The half day event takes place at London’s Wembley Stadium, from 10am-2pm, and is free to attend.

Tickets can be obtained now at:

Don’t miss out on London’s best technology

The Software Business Roadshow, brought to you by IT Showcase, provides the opportunity for you to meet and source your next potential software supplier. BlueBridge One will be exhibiting alongside leading software businesses in the fields of construction, manufacturing, distribution and the service sector, and our team will be on hand to demonstrate how ERP software could be right for you.

To discuss your needs with BlueBridge One, reserve the time slot of your choice for a meeting with us at:

The London event promises an impressive agenda of seminars and industry-leading speakers. The key-note seminar is on the informative topic of ‘Laying the foundations for a successful software project,’ led by Bryan Oak, Director at Searchlight Consulting.

You can find full details of the day’s schedule, as well as the full list of exhibitors and sponsors, at:

More chances to meet us

If you’re unable to attend the London exhibition this May, we’ll also be present at three other IT Showcase dates throughout the year. Why not join as at any of the following venues:

19th September - Manchester

Old Trafford Stadium, 10am-2pm

10th October – Birmingham

Details to be announced

5th December – Emirates Stadium, London

Details to be announced

If you’re going to be present at any of the IT Showcase events, why not contact us to let us know we can expect to see you there.

Shake our hand, in person or virtually.

You don’t have to attend an exhibition to find out how BlueBridge One can make a huge difference to your business. It’d be great to see you at any of the five IT Showcase events around the country, but you can also visit BlueBridge One online to see how Enterprise Resource Planning software can help you to manage your business processes and back office activities.

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