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5 trends disrupting the traditional wholesale distribution model

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Archive for January 2017

The multi-channel resolution: become even more connected in 2017

11th January 2017

As your wholesale distribution business looks forward to the upcoming year ahead, you may have your sights on a more multi-channel approach to selling. In response to the ever-changing ways that customers are consuming information from brands, and the digital demand for buying online, distributors need to be more switched on than ever before. In 2017, you’ll need to keep up with a shopping culture that never sleeps, and ensure that your products are available around the clock, across a range of devices, and that your business is providing engaging content on a multitude of platforms.

Sound like a daunting prospect? Our white paper will help you to scale your operations, explore new territories and sell from different outlets. ‘From wholesale distributor to multi-channel: Lessons to learn on the journey to growth’ gives expert advice on how to avoid the problems you may encounter as you expand your enterprise.

As well as outlining the potential issues that may arise, the guide follows a fictional company that is looking to make the same changes as your own business. Our easy to understand account of how Soap for Sale moved from pure play distributor to multi-channel retailer will help you to realize your own potential in the next twelve months.

The white paper will offer you guidance on:

  • Growing your B2B wholesale service and online portal
  • Developing own brand products and launching an e-commerce store
  • Selling via third party marketplaces
  • Expanding warehouse space and serving new territories
  • Selling via concession outlets and your own store premises
  • Upgrading out of date technology and replacing manual processes
  • Improving order fulfilment and stock management
  • Providing a cohesive customer experience across multiple channels

If you’re ready to make the transition from B2B wholesaler to B2C retailer, kick start your new year by reading our white paper, and explore all the additional ways your business could be running more smoothly in 2017.

Make going multi-channel your New Year’s Resolution with BlueBridge One

If you’re ready to develop your multi-channel strategy, we can help. Visit BlueBridge One online to see how business management software can help you to scale your processes, manage your back office activities, integrate systems and improve working efficiencies for an even greater year of trading.

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Speed shopping: The wholesale distributors’ guide to competing with Amazon Go

9th January 2017

Today, wholesale distributors are having to get to grips with an increased pace of trading, with next day shopping services such as Amazon Prime, and the ever growing array of same day or within the hour delivery and package tracking options ensuring that customers are receiving their goods faster than ever – and going elsewhere if expectations can’t be met. Providing a digital solution for browsing and ordering products to arrive as soon as possible is now essential for keeping up with speed-savvy consumers, who want the quickest possible turnaround from tapping the keys of their mobile device, to holding the item within their hands.

But with the introduction of Amazon Go, a physical shopping experience that literally requires zero queuing or checkout time, the retail giant is dramatically increasing the pressure on multi-channel distributors to provide a faster browsing-to-owning process than ever before.

Walk in and Go

Available to the public in 2017, Amazon Go stores will allow the customer to simply walk in to a bricks and mortar environment, select the staple food items they wish to purchase, and walk away without checking out – this is made possible through the use of highly advanced tracking sensors that identify which items a shopper has selected, to be automatically charged to the individual’s Amazon Prime account. It’s the ultimate use of technology for consumer convenience, and could revolutionise the way we are served (or not served) in-stores, or view our shopping trips altogether.

In order to compete with the immediacy of this innovation, multi-channel distributors will need to fulfil orders even more quickly in 2017, without a loss in accuracy or efficiency. For some, this will involve recognising that their digital enablement capabilities are lacking. This may involve launching a B2C ecommerce site, as well as a feature-rich site for B2B buyers, or re-evaluating the end-to-end processes and business systems that may be holding them back from operating at their most efficient levels.

A faster way of fulfilling orders

Assuming that a wholesale distributor is up to speed with its stock management, order fulfilment and back-end processes using the right ERP solution, they can look at raising their game at what is increasingly becoming the critical metric – delivery. The expectation of prompt receipt of goods will necessitate a review of traditional logistics; while the prevailing delivery method of the past two decades has been the hub and spoke approach of courier delivery services, distribution is now embracing emerging systems and technology such as click and collect, robotic stock picking, and even drones, in order to satisfy today’s highly connected and busy consumer.

Compete, or become obsolete

While the impact of Amazon and its digital commerce revolution is undeniably disrupting the wholesale distribution industry, there are ways to compete, and in doing so, improve the way that your multi-channel operation does business. By selling your products across a variety of channels, better managing the way you control inventory and deliver orders, and upgrading your technological systems to improve end-to-end working efficiencies, you’ll be able to cater to an increasingly immediate shopping culture. One where the future may involve walking away without paying at a till point.

BlueBridge One can help you to improve your distribution strategy for 2017.

If you’re ready to develop or improve your multi-channel strategy, and provide a faster fulfilment service than ever before, we can help. Visit BlueBridge One online to see how ERP business management software can help you to scale your processes, manage your back office activities, integrate systems and improve working efficiencies.

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