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Archive for August 2016

How can businesses respond flexibly to customer demand?

19th August 2016

Leading analyst identifies technology as key success driver

While shoppers move easily between channels and touch points, keeping up with their demands can be a major challenge for businesses. Now, a leading analyst has identified technology investment as a key factor in retailers’ customer service capabilities.

Recent research by IMRG shows that online-only companies are tending to grow quicker than non-eCommerce businesses, because the nature of eCommerce makes it easy to change and adapt quickly, in line with shopper expectations.

Companies that are investing in the technology supporting their multichannel business operations are much better positioned than competitors that are ‘making do’ with legacy systems, which may not be up to scratch.

Long-term innovation around customer needs is only possible with the right technology platform in place to support growth. In order to keep pace with industry leaders, businesses need to ask themselves some key questions about their current system, and its capabilities.

These include:

  • Do you have a single view of your customer as they move between channels and touchpoints?
  • Is your current system reliable? What kind of feedback do you receive from your customers and your workforce?
  • Can you do everything that you want to do with your system, or do you sometimes feel that it is holding you back?
  • How much resource have you dedicated to mending, maintaining or updating your solution in the past six months? What was the cost and man-hours involved?
  • Are you bolting on new technology to give you greater capabilities, creating an overly complex technical set-up as a result?
  • Can your technical infrastructure scale if your business grows, or has it reached its maximum capacity?

For any businesses that feels the answers to these questions reveal a weakness, chances are that a new solution is the key to unlocking customer-responsive commerce capabilities.

Investing in this solution before it gets to a critical trading point is important, as it allows plenty of time for research and planning, in order to make the right decision.

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