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Archive for May 2014

NetSuite takes ERP to the next level by letting you execute an omnichannel supply chain strategy

23rd May 2014

Traditional approach to ERP

Some text books and works of reference define ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software as a suite of integrated business applications that enable end-to-end business management.

Traditionally these areas may be broadly defined as:

  • Product planning, cost and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping and payment

Is your ERP software keeping in step?

The accelerating tempo of business resulting from changes such as globalisation, shorter product lifecycles and the development of omnichannel elements like eCommerce and social media, means that ERP needs to keep in step if businesses are to remain competitive.

The fact is that because of the significant costs attached to traditional on-premise ERP systems, many smaller and mid-market wholesale distribution businesses either lack or soldier along with older, legacy systems. As a result they have been unable to match the pace of market change.

Get started with NetSuite and BlueBridge One to execute omnichannel strategy

NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP solution that takes traditional ERP to the next level. As a cloud-based solution NetSuite redefines the cost and brings ERP within the reach of businesses that think it is beyond their budgets. NetSuite integrates additional capabilities that enable wholesale distribution businesses to succeed in today's highly competitive environment. The inclusion of CRM, eCommerce and EPOS (Electronic Point of sale) as part of a NetSuite deployment enables wholesale distributors to execute an omnichannel business model supported by an integrated supply chain strategy.

To start finding out more about how BlueBridge One can deploy NetSuite to meet the specific needs of your business, click here to register for a FREE 14 day trial.

Beyond ERP: Leverage the cloud and execute a multi-channel strategy with NetSuite

1st May 2014

Has your ERP solution kept in step with the cloud?

Traditionally, mid-market wholesale distribution companies used complex collections of spreadsheets to manage their businesses. Luckily many recognised the benefits of switching to database driven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Originally these were provided as on-premise solutions, operated on in-house servers and maintained by internal personnel. Those running wholesale and distribution businesses on such systems enjoy significant efficiency gains that transform the processes which are used to run the business. However, some providers of ERP software have failed to keep in step with the advances in technology that have enabled cloud applications.

ERP plus cloud equals improved competitive advantage

Cloud ERP solutions take the benefits of ERP to the next level. The SaaS business model enables providers of ERP software to deliver all the business process efficiency of on-premise ERP with the key advantages of the cloud:

  • No CAPEX
    • There is no requirement for investment in hardware resources such as servers, storage or back up or essential software such as database engines
  • Flexible and scalable
    • Accessed using standard web browsers on internet connected devices anywhere in the world and easily scalable for growing businesses
  • Easy integration
    • Avoid complex and expensive integration projects and junking existing investments in systems

Wholesale distribution businesses that use ERP enjoy improved competitive advantage by using a cloud-based solution. However, with NetSuite the advantages are amplified even further.

NetSuite plus cloud equals improved competitive advantage and multi-channel capability

NetSuite enables wholesale distributors to have a truly integrated approach to the multi-channel by providing a true omnichannel experience for Customers. NetSuite’s one integrated business suite provides multiple customer touch points including mobile devices, ecommerce sites and EPOS.

NetSuite ERP manages the critical processes which not only run the business but also integrate digital channel strategies such as enabling direct online sales and driving lead generation with email marketing automation.

Experience the benefits of NetSuite implemented for your wholesale distribution business by BlueBridge One

BlueBridge One is a leading NetSuite solution provider to the UK's wholesale distributors. We have experience working with a range of businesses including those that provide intangible service-based products in complex global markets. We work with clients to ensure that NetSuite is implemented to meet their specific needs. Our services are end-to-end, providing the expertise to deploy the solution and support it on an ongoing basis. Why not see for yourself? Click here to register for a FREE 14 day trial of NetSuite.