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Archive for March 2013

NetSuite named as one of America’s most trustworthy companies

25th March 2013

Assessing Accounting and Governance Risk

Independent US research firm GMI Ratings has named NetSuite among the 100 most trustworthy American companies. The highly respected firm focuses on corporate governance, director/executive compensation and forensic accounting.

GMI Ratings maintains broad coverage of the environmental, social, governance (ESG) and accounting-related risks affecting the performance of public companies. The firm publishes two proprietary ratings of public companies. ESG ratings are established for nearly 6,000 companies worldwide, helping investors assess the sustainable investment value of public companies.

GMI Ratings also determines Accounting and Governance Risk (AGR) ratings for approximately 18,000 public companies worldwide. AGR ratings reflect accounting and governance practices statistically associated with risks likely to cause sharp drops in equity value.

NetSuite highest ranked large company

NetSuite’s AGR score of 99 makes it the highest ranked company (out of nine) with a large market capitalisation. James A Kaplan, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of GMI Ratings said: “There are two unique factors to this list. First of all, it is compiled using a different set of tools. AGR uses governance and forensic accounting measures that are rarely incorporated in traditional analysis. These extra-financial measures are, in our view, an important factor in trying to understand value. Secondly, to our knowledge there are no other lists that focus on the trustworthiness of a business. There are many lists that focus on other attributes.”

He continues: “Also, we have found evidence that, on balance, the most trustworthy companies outperform their peers over the long term.  Of course the greatest benefit to a well-managed company is that their risk of negative events is minimised.”

UK customers can trust NetSuite from BlueBridge One

UK wholesale and distribution businesses looking to implement cloud based ERP and cloud-based e-commerce can rest assured that entrusting financial and business operations to a NetSuite custom implementation by BlueBridge One poses the lowest risks of any comparable solution. BlueBridge One is recognised by NetSuite as one of only two UK NetSuite Three Star Award winners, and we inherit the values and the trust levels that are determined by GMI Ratings AGR.

Click here to register for a FREE 14 day trial of NetSuite, the most trustworthy ERP solution on the planet.

Click here to see the article ‘America’s 100 Most Trustworthy companies’ and full list at

Cloud-based e-commerce and ERP from NetSuite offers wholesale distribution great direct sales opportunities

12th March 2013

Mixed signs of recovery and UK High Street remains challenging

There continue to be mixed signs of recovery. While stock markets boom on both sides of the Atlantic, the UK has recently reported record numbers in employment as the US reported a 4 year low in unemployment. Supply chain economics have seen US industrial giant GE (General Electric) repatriate some manufacturing and creating jobs in the US.

Despite this The UK High Street continues to look extremely challenging; with Blockbuster busted, the fat lady singing for HMV and things turning nightmarish for Dreams, the last couple of months have offered little good news to embattled retailers.

Replace lost sales to High Street retailers with direct to consumer sales

Many point out that the changes in the High Street are simply a marketplace correction which has cleared out a legacy DVD hire business; a business model that failed to adapt to the consumer trend of online music sales; and a business characterised by big ticket prices and high overheads - furniture retailing. Marketplace correction or not, inevitably the contraction of the High Street means the market for’ traditional’ wholesale distribution (WD) is shrinking. However, some in WD are seizing this as an opportunity by replacing the business lost through the High Street with direct to consumer sales.

At first glance many in WD this may seem unrealistic. The increased costs and complexity of direct to consumer sales may be undesirable. However with cloud-based e-commerce integrated with a cloud-based ERP solution, direct to consumer sales is an opportunity not to be missed.

NetSuite cloud-based e-commerce and ERP from BlueBridge One

SuiteCommerce is cloud-based e-commerce, an online store environment offering the internet shopping experiences which consumers expect. With performance and functionality optimised for any device, SuiteCommerce provides support for 19 languages and more than 190 currencies. It lets you deliver B2B and B2C e-commerce services from a single site and is taxation compliant in over 40 countries.

SuiteCommerce is the e-commerce layer which sits on top of NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP. NetSuite works in the background, joining up the essential business functions that ensure a great online shopping experience. While making sure consumers have a good time, NetSuite also provides the core functions that ensure your business runs efficiently; Accounting/ERP, Inventory Management and Order Processing.

Additional tools that drive sales and enhance customer service include Salesforce & Marketing Automation, Customer Support and Partner Collaboration. For WD Advanced Inventory is available and for bigger businesses Demand Planning module is included.

Why not talk to BlueBridge One to find out more about how you can replace lost WD sales with direct to consumer sales? We are one of only two UK NetSuite Three Star Award winners. Click here to register for a FREE 14 day trial of NetSuite.