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Version 2 of the NetSuite iPhone application is here

Version 2 of the NetSuite iPhone application is here

For those who used Version 1 of the NetSuite iPhone application you will no doubt recall that the app substantially provided "view only" access to records. The fact that users were unable to create or edit transactions or cases limited the usefulness of the application. This has all changed with the new Version 2. Now users of the iPhone app can not only view records but they can also create and edit records as well. This makes Version 2 significantly more useful as you can now effectively process transactions and cases on the move.

One small limitation we noticed is that with the standard user/role setup you are unable to access the application using the Administrator role. This does generally create a problem for users in smaller organisations who tend to make more use of Administrator access in their day to day roles. While NetSuite generally suggests not providing Administrator access on a mobile device primarily for security reasons, there is a workaround that you may want to consider. 

To effect the workaround and allow Administrator access login to NetSuite on your desktop and using the Administrator role go to SETUP > COMPANY > ENABLE FEATURES. On the Employees sub-tab check Global Permissions. This effectively means one can then set any permission for an employee across all roles whereas normally you would be required to go into each role individually to apply a permission. Next go to your Employee record under LISTS > EMPLOYEES. Select and edit the appropriate Employee record by going to the Access tab and then to the Global Permissions sub-tab. Select and add "Mobile Device Access" and under Level select "Full". Save the Employee record. This should then now allow you to select the Administrator Role when logged into the NetSuite iPhone application.

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