Bluebridge One blog looks at some of the challenges and steps likely to be involved in the journey from wholesale distributor to multi-channel business and how it is done">

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The journey from wholesale distributor to multi-channel business: how is it done?

The journey from wholesale distributor to multi-channel business: how is it done?

For modern brands, keeping up with the demands of digitally connected and commercially aware consumers is a priority. Those beginning life as wholesale distributors are ultimately looking to operate as multi-channel businesses in order to fulfil customer needs both online and in-store.

But how can wholesale distributors grow their operations to reach the stage where they are also offering ecommerce and bricks and mortar retailing?

Let’s take a look at some of the steps likely to be involved in this journey, and some of the challenges that may be faced along the way:

  • Wholesale distributor sells products to B2B customers from a single location
  • Increase in B2B customers call for introduction of ecommerce portal and additional warehouse space
  • Business begins selling directly to B2C customers via ecommerce, using their own website, and third party market places such as Etsy and Amazon
  • Increased order volume and demand for stock needs to be managed
  • Concessions may be opened in the stores of other larger name brands
  • Pressure may be put on administrative processes and working efficiencies
  • When demand for products increases, the brand may decide to open their own bricks and mortar stores, progressing into new locations as and when successful
  • Disparate and duplicate customer data may be obtained from multiple sources
  • Business works hard to provide a cohesive customer experience across their website, chain of store, marketing communications and social media presence

If you’d like to know more about progressing your business in this way, our white paper entitled ‘Wholesale to multi-channel: lessons to learn on the journey to growth’ gives a comprehensive account of expanding your distribution enterprise. You’ll learn how to follow this model and how to overcome common challenges.

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