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Is your wholesale distribution business agile enough to be competitive?

Fast moving and competitive

The world of business is fast moving. Is your business agile enough to be competitive?

A lot of people talk about business agility. But what does this really mean for wholesale distribution in the multichannel age? Certainly the overarching strategic rationale for making your business agile is to enable rapid response to sudden change in the operating environment. In WD multichannel (MC) it means a lot more than this strategic definition though.

An agile multichannel company requires unified wholesale, in-store, ecommerce and M2M operations. All elements such as order processing, invoice generation, fulfilment, inventory management and procurement all need to be fully integrated. Plus in order to drive effective digital marketing campaigns it is also essential that all your employees also have a real-time 360 degree view of all your customer and inventory data. All this needs the latest up-to-the-second metrics. Yesterday’s stock data is of no use to today’s visitors to your online store! And it does nothing for the user experience or your reputation, the online social proof.

Real-time metrics and true agility

Underpinning agility is the need to be able to obtain real-time data to understand the position of your business end-to-end on-demand. This is one of the points covered in our free guide ‘8 steps to help re-invent your wholesale distribution business’.

Building agility in core business operations is one thing; supporting it in peripheral areas is another matter entirely. For example, it’s difficult to fulfil orders overnight express if your inventory has only just left China on a slow steaming ocean freight service with a transit time of 40 days to Northern Europe. True business agility enabled by real-time metrics lets you factor this in by automating re-ordering at the right time to help you avoid out of stock situations of popular lines.

Help for wholesale businesses to succeed in the multichannel age from BlueBridge One

The free guide ‘8 steps to help re-invent your wholesale distribution business’ helps to optimise operations in the age of multichannel. The guide contains ideas on how to review key areas of operations to help create more efficiency and build better success.

These ideas may be considered collectively or used individually to help address an area that may be of particular concern.

Some points covered in the guide include:

  • Branding and creating awareness in marketplaces where you are not recognised
  • The right channels for reaching and obtaining a better understanding of customers
  • Key considerations for choosing technology and a technology partner

Click here to download the free guide.

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