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Do you understand your customers well enough to maximise lifetime value?

Understanding customer preferences across multichannel operations

Does your business understand its customers well enough to maximise lifetime customer value across its multichannel operations?

Multichannel provides the opportunity to better engage your customers and maximise their lifetime value. However, to do this you really need to ensure you understand their preferences. Are they click and collect advocates, or do they prefer to browse instore and then order for delivery?

Understanding customers isn’t all about how they undertake purchasing activity. It also covers their messaging preferences. Do they respond better to email or SMS text? Yet another aspect is to understand their use of hardware platforms. Do they prefer a laptop or PC or do they use tablets and smartphones?

Customer data collection

Any strategy to maximise lifetime customer value through engagement needs to be supported by the ability to extract and analyse data collected across all your multichannel customer touchpoints. This topic area is covered in our free guide ‘8 steps to help re-invent your wholesale distribution business’.

Once you have analysed and extracted intelligence on customer preferences, you then need to be able to apply it. The ability to present dynamic custom webpages based on the individual purchase history of each customer, or using the preferred communication method when you want to promote a special offer is often a critical consideration. Above all, the need is to integrate all activity across sales and communication channels, generating more customer data to help refine the individual profiles and fine tune sales and communication activity in the future.

Maximising lifetime customer value with BlueBridge One

The free guide ‘8 steps to help re-invent your wholesale distribution business’ helps to optimise multichannel operations, enabling you to maximise lifetime customer value. The guide contains ideas on how to review key areas of operations to help create more efficiency and build better success.

These ideas may be considered collectively or used individually to help address an area that may be of particular concern.

Some points covered in the guide include:

  • Branding and creating awareness in marketplaces where you are not recognised
  • The right channels for reaching and obtaining a better understanding of customers
  • Key considerations for choosing technology and a technology partner

Click here to download the free guide.

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