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5 trends disrupting the traditional wholesale distribution model

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7 essential ERP trends for 2016

Innovation and flexibility will underpin success this year

Technology must develop at the pace of the consumer, in order to enable retail and wholesale business to grow their customer base, which means back-end development never stands still. Even organisations that have invested in an enterprise planning solution will need to ensure that they can innovate in line with the latest industry trends – the most important of which we’ve outlined below:

  1. It won’t just be large corporations making ERP investments. When it comes to a good experience, the customer – whether B2B or B2C – doesn’t care about the size of the business. They just want outstanding service. This need, combined with the increasing cost-effectiveness of enterprise planning solutions, will see a growing number of small and mid-size companies investing in ERP over the next 12 months.
  2. Everything will begin and end with the cloud. There will be less talk about the cloud in 2016, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dying trend. Quite the opposite. The benefits of the cloud have been proven to an extent that all leading technology providers will offer a cloud-based system.
  3. Success will rest on implementation. No longer will organisations be able to get away with out-of-the-box solutions. The companies most successful at delivering customer value will partner with an ERP implementer that can tailor functionality to their needs, without increasing complexity to the point where change is impossible.
  4. A ‘rescue remedy’ will be required for roll-out troubles. Unfortunately, not every implementation partner has the skillset to customise ERP solutions by individual business. Therefore, 2016 will see a rise in organisations seeking ‘rescue partners’ to reboot stalled or failed projects, who can get to the root cause of a project’s failure.
  5. Technical expertise will need to blend with business acumen. Over the past couple of years we’ve seen the balance of power shift towards business management personnel, when it comes to ERP deployment. Given the fine balance of customisation required by solutions to drive success, technical decision makers will play a larger role this year – but they must work closely with business personnel to optimise functionality for everyday use.
  6. ERP systems will take on greater mobile capacity. Everything that hasn’t already gone mobile will be migrating towards smartphone and tablet usage over the next 12 months, and enterprise planning is no exception. Solution providers must enable key operatives to access data and make decisions wherever they are, on any device.
  7. New data streams will be introduced. In particular, those that use ERP systems to manage customer relationships may see new metrics such as social media included in their data streams. Social networks are playing an increasingly important role in customer satisfaction and loyalty, and therefore organisations need a means of integrating these emerging metrics into their operational strategies.

Find an ERP system is fit for 2016 with BlueBridge One

One strongly emerging theme for the year ahead is the importance of finding the right partner for ERP roll-outs. Not enough tailoring and the solution will perform below its capabilities; too much customisation and future upgrades and innovations could be restricted.

Globally ranked as a NetSuite 5 Star Solution Provider, BlueBridge One is vastly experienced in delivering ERP systems that meet a company’s individual requirements.

We deploy solutions that meet retail and wholesale requirements today and tomorrow, and help companies grow their software infrastructure alongside their business.

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