User Experience

With so much competition on the web, increasingly it is the user experience that sets a website apart from the rest. A memorable user-experience results in better conversion and returning customers.

Contributing factors for a better user-experience:

Look and Feel

The design and visual appeal of the your site plays an important role on the image you are portraying to your customers and the perception individuals form about your brand.

We can help: To ensure your website benefits from optimum design suitable for the NetSuite platform, at BlueBridge One we work with a number of experienced designers and select the most suitable designer based on the unique needs of your website and target audience.  SEO, conversion, and usability are at the heart of any design we do.


How do shoppers interact with your website? Where do they click most often and how do they navigate their way through your site? Which step of the buying process are they abandoning your site and why? 

We can help: By using a combination of Heat maps and user-testing techniques we help find the answers to usability questions. This is what one existing client had to say:

“Thanks for the user-testing videos, I was surprised by how useful I thought they were. I think we could easily implement some of the immediate changes that you have recommended.”

Information architecture

Information Architecture deals with how the information is organised and arranged in a logical hierarchy. This includes the navigation and the textual content of your website which also plays an important role for good SEO.

We can help: clients to improve the information architecture of their website using a combination of keyword analysis, competitor analysis, user-testing, heat-maps, and NetSuite optimised content architecture. Furthermore we work with a number of copywriters who can help writing articles or blog post for your website.