BlueBridge One is more than just another ERP reseller. The first UK NetSuite partner and a leading Solution Provider since 2003, our stable, core team of NetSuite certified consultants and developers help service more than 350 customer with sites ranging from two into the hundreds of users and we believe, based on many years of experience, we can help you get more value from your ERP investment.

The best way to find out about how we could help you get the most out of your ERP system is to get in touch. Our consultants specialise in helping wholesale, multichannel businesses meet their challenges and grow.

When it comes to implementing NetSuite to meet the needs of our customers, we’ve got it covered. Our customers choose us for all their best practice advice, implementation, customisation and support needs, and we partner with them year on year as their business develops.

Some of the reasons new customers begin talking to us are because they’re:

  • Thinking of implementing NetSuite but have some questions
  • Have spoken to one of our customers and believe we can help
  • Have outgrown their current system
  • Have too many systems that don’t talk to each other