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Price: £250.00 (Ex VAT) dataextract8.jpgData Pump

The NetSuite Data Pump SuiteExtender enables you to schedule multiple automated data extracts from NetSuite to a local or network server. Ideal for scheduling local backups, integrating NetSuite to third party applications and creating extract files for third party reporting or Business Intelligence tools.

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Price: £160.00 (Ex VAT) erp2.jpgInteractive Pivot Reports

Extend the power of NetSuite Saved Searches by creating interactive Drag and Drop pivot reports directly in your browser and embed them in your dashboards or other pages. Create reports that are otherwise impossible using standard NetSuite tools.

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Price: £149.00 (Ex VAT) geomap1.jpgGoogle Geomap Reporting

Display results of an Entity Saved Search on an embedded Google Geomap. Drilldown from individual Google Geomap locations directly to an Entity record in NetSuite.

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