Interactive Pivot Reports

Extend the power of NetSuite Saved Searches by creating interactive Drag and Drop pivot reports directly in your browser and embed them in your dashboards or other pages. Create reports that are otherwise impossible using standard NetSuite tools.

Edition Supported: All except NetSuite Small Business
Countries Supported: All
Support & Maintenance: Included
Authored by: BlueBridge One
Current Version: 1.5
Required External Service/Software: None
Price: Annual Licence Fee per NetSuite site (Account Number). £160.00 (Ex VAT)


  • Build Excel like pivot reports directly in NetSuite.
  • User friend interface allows you to re-organise reports on the fly.
  • "Drag & Drop" Columns, Rows and Fields within the report.
  • Embed reports on NetSuite Dashboards or Pages.
  • Restrict access based on native NetSuite security.


  • Add Drag & Drop functionality to standard Saved Searches.
  • Makes reporting more user friendly.
  • Create reports which you cannot normally create in NetSuite.

Extend the power of NetSuite Saved Searches by creating interactive pivot reports directly in your browser. Issue reports to users and embed them in your dashboards.  Interactive Pivot Reports let you create reporting that is otherwise impossible within NetSuite itself.

Interactive Pivot Reports let you build pivot reports (like Excel's pivot tables) from saved search results. Define the report layout, specify the saved search that supplies data for the report then view the report in your browser without leaving NetSuite.

Displayed reports are interactive. Drag column, row and page fields to reorganise the report on the fly - the report is recalculated and displayed as you rearrange its fields.  Once your happy with the layout save your changes then make a protected version of the report available to your users within a standard NetSuite page. Or place the report on a dashboard for immediate access to summarised information.

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari are supported Browsers.

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