Data Pump

The NetSuite Data Pump SuiteExtender enables you to schedule multiple automated data extracts from NetSuite to a local or network server. Ideal for scheduling local backups, integrating NetSuite to third party applications and creating extract files for third party reporting or Business Intelligence tools.

Edition Supported: All except NSB
Countries Supported: All
Support & Maintenance: Included
Authored by: BlueBridge One
Current Version: 1.8
Required External Service/Software: None
Price: Annual Licence Fee per NetSuite site (Account Number). £250.00 (Ex VAT)
  • Schedule automated data extracts from NetSuite to a Local or Network Server
  • Supports multiple extract data sets.
  • Can be scheduled to run as a background process or ondemand.
  • Supports interval or timed schedules.
  • Easy to backup selected NetSuite data to a local server.
  • Create regular scheduled extracts for a third party reporting or Business Intelligence tool. 
  • Can be used to integrate NetSuite to a third party application.

The NetSuite Data Pump SuiteExtender is an application designed to run on a local desktop or server. It allows the user to setup scheduled data extracts from NetSuite to a local or network server. The application makes use of Web-Services and Saved Searches.

Setup is simple and is based on defining a set of saved searches defining the data you wish to extract and defining a schedule for running the extracts. Searches can currently be saved in either CSV or tab-delimited format.

The extracts can be set to run as background tasks or on-demand. Two types of schedules are available - Interval or Timed. Interval schedules execute the pump every so many minutes, hours or days. Timed scheduled execute the pump at a pre-set time on defined days of the week.

Note that a separate license is require for each different NetSuite account you wish to create pumps for.

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