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Price: £150.00 (Ex VAT) Thumbnail DS tileBlueBridge One Data Surety

Data Surety Suite App can help customers save time, money, and resources by avoiding costly data errors

With such high costs and undesirable consequences associated with bad data, NetSuite customers can now ensure their key contact information is accurate and verified in just a few clicks. 

BlueBridge One Data Surety SuiteApp for NetSuite help companies continually verify their customer, prospect, supplier and vendor information, and as a result they can slash operational costs by avoiding time consuming errors and improve overall marketing performance.

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Price: £30.00 (Ex VAT) email2.jpgEmail Auto Logger

Are you tired of having to save and copy emails into NetSuite? Why doesn’t this happen automatically in the background. Fully automated NetSuite Email Integration is now a reality using the Email Auto Logger. Works with most email services including Gmail and Exchange. Minimum 10 user initial purchase. Get this NetSuite Add-on.

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Price: £149.00 (Ex VAT) geomap1.jpgGoogle Geomap Reporting

Display results of an Entity Saved Search on an embedded Google Geomap. Drilldown from individual Google Geomap locations directly to an Entity record in NetSuite.

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Price: £250.00 (Ex VAT) hr1.jpgElectronic Leave Processing

Record leave entitlements and leave days utilised, submit leave requests and manage the entire approval process directly in your NetSuite account.

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Price: £250.00 (Ex VAT) fraud1.jpgeCommerce Fraud Detector (SiteBuilder Version)

Perform a host of real-time anti-fraud checks on all web orders using MaxMinds MinFraud service. Checks include IP address geolocation and matching, proxy detection, email validation, card bank checks and, address and phone number matching. Add a fraud risk score and score explanation to all your NetSuite web orders.

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Price: £330.00 (Ex VAT) vat5.jpgCustomer Loyalty Scheme

Reward customers for their loyalty. Operate a fully automated loyalty scheme. Customers earn points when they buy and are rewarded with gift vouchers which they can redeem on future purchases placed with you.

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Price: £250.00 (Ex VAT) dataextract8.jpgData Pump

The NetSuite Data Pump SuiteExtender enables you to schedule multiple automated data extracts from NetSuite to a local or network server. Ideal for scheduling local backups, integrating NetSuite to third party applications and creating extract files for third party reporting or Business Intelligence tools.

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Price: £600.00 (Ex VAT) blog-small.jpgBlog Manager (SCA ready)

A comprehensive Blog management tool to allow to manage all your Blogs directly from within Netsuite with no third party service required.

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Price: £250.00 (Ex VAT) post1.jpgWebstore Postcode Lookup

Enable your Webstore Customers to automatically fill out their address details by simply searching on their Postcode using PCA Predict's Address Capture+ Validation service.

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