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NetSuite automation tools enable fivefold increase in business for Justoffbase

Justoffbase, an online tool and equipment store, has reported a nearly fivefold increase in sales in four years without any significant increase in operating costs. The company attributes this success entirely to the level of automation achieved using the NetSuite application, implemented by BlueBridge One, a leading UK provider of on-demand business solutions and NetSuite EMEA Solution Provider of the Year for 2007.

Tim James-Parker, Partner of Justoffbase, says that NetSuite has improved collaboration and enabled his full-time staff to focus on core financial and sales management tasks. Every staff member has their own NetSuite dashboard set-up to display key real-time metrics applicable to their role and responsibilities. In areas where tasks are shared, NetSuite allows a level of real-time collaboration that would be largely impossible without such a system.

"While it is easily possible to download any information from the system, as a company we find that this is largely unnecessary and, in fact, we now consider any information that is not being viewed directly from the system as redundant on creation," Tim explains.

He adds that the removal of the burden of managing company data contained in local retrieval systems has been one of the biggest advantages of NetSuite.

"As a company, our only IT responsibility is to provide Internet ready machines. All company information is securely held off site, allowing a non- location specific attitude to work. On a typical day, staff are working at different times and at up to four different locations, but the processing of daily business functions is entirely accurate and never duplicated or overlooked."

A major contributing factor to Justoffbase's huge growth has been its ability to 'outsource' key business functions using NetSuite. For example a third party company, operating out of a remote location, is contracted to take orders and deal with most customer service issues, while suppliers are used to manage the order fulfilment and shipping processes and are responsible direct shipment to the customers.

"This means that our operation is truly 24/7. Our existing systems prior to NetSuite were totally inadequate. Whilst our existing website was good at creating orders, the main problem was the lack of reporting available to us as we were only able to import sales totals into our existing accounting package. Given that we deal in physical inventory that we do not handle, it is vital that we can track all information surrounding the sales process. NetSuite gives us this ability"

Further plans with NetSuite are under way. In the past year alone, the company has employed BlueBridge One to mesh its NetSuite system with those of its suppliers to the extent that customers are effectively writing their own address labels. Once staff have approved a sales order, the despatch and billing of the order is now completely automatic, so much so that one of the latest NetSuite additions compares inbound invoices against purchase orders and flags up any discrepancies.

While moving to NetSuite nearly five years ago was one of the biggest decisions we ever had to make as a company, we were always sure that there was nothing else available that would give us the 'single system' approach that we were seeking," Tim concludes.

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