NetSuite Support Services

Once you have purchased your new NetSuite system who is going to help you when you need support or assistance?

As a BlueBridge One customer and NetSuite user you will have various support options open to you. Firstly NetSuite offers various levels of support. This support ranges from the SuiteAnswers Online Portal to 24/7 global support. In some cases there are fees associated with this service which vary dependent on the level of support you require. In addition to this direct NetSuite support, BlueBridge One also provides its own NetSuite Solution Provider (SP) Support. This is a service provided to all BlueBridge One’s registered NetSuite customers. The support is aimed at assisting users with day-to-day usability questions, tracking cases reported to NetSuite and submitting user requested enhancements. It is provided free of charge and carries no formal Service Level Agreement.

NetSuite Solution Provider Support provides telephone and email support from 9am to 4pm UK time on normal business days. BlueBridge One's goal is to respond to all Customers within one business day. To contact BlueBridge One Support either send an email to support@ or call +44 1932 300 007 or +27 10 500 8674.

If your business is of such a nature that you feel you require a more formal and structured Service Level Agreement with guaranteed response times then we would suggest that you consider one of the various support options provided directly by NetSuite, Inc. as these provide for a formal Support Service Level Agreement. For more details about the various support options provided by NetSuite download the datasheet below.

Download the NetSuite Support Datasheet

NetSuite Solution Provider (SP) Support

NetSuite Solution Provider Support is setup primarily to help customers with day-to-day guidance on using NetSuite. It can assist in the case of “emergencies”, with tracking NetSuite reported cases and assist in the submission of enhancement requests. The support covers the following areas:

  • Guidance on using and setting up your NetSuite application – This support is aimed at assisting you with day to day usability questions and includes basic NetSuite setup (including Saved Searches), transaction processing and basic accounting setup. Please note this support does not include training or hands-on assistance in configuring or customising your NetSuite account. Assistance in this regard is provided by our Professional Services team.
  • Assistance with tracking cases reported to NetSuite – If what you are reporting is outside of our control and needs to be referred to NetSuite we will ask you to log the issue directly with NetSuite and then track its progress for you and keep you updated.
  • Requesting enhancements - We will help you submit and track enhancement requests submitted to NetSuite. If appropriate we will also attempt to solicit other NetSuite Users on your behalf to support the enhancement and give it more prominence with NetSuite's product development team. We will also try to provide you with an interim workaround which may involve alternative steps to achieving essentially the same result. Alternatively we may suggest the involvement of our Professional Services team to provide a customisation.

What’s not covered as free service under Support

The following services are available from our Professional Services Team but are not covered under the Solution Provider Support Services:

  • Hands-on assistance in configuring or customising your NetSuite Account.
  • End-user Training.
  • Advanced customisation including Java scripting, complex saved searches, SQL formulas, workflow configuration, web-services or HTML coding (This exclusion does not apply to the tracking of defects reported to NetSuite in connection with any advanced customisation).
  • Best practice advice in architecting elements of your NetSuite environment or integration thereto. 

Service Level Provided

As mentioned previously NetSuite Solution Provider Support is provided as a service to our customers. BlueBridge One does not offer any formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with this service. Under most normal circumstances we do undertake to make every effort to respond to customer cases within one working day of the cases creation but response times may vary depending on our support team's case load.

In order to minimise disruption to your business activities we will at all times prioritise emergency cases. For example in the unlikely event where you are locked out of your NetSuite account or where your NetSuite system or website is not accessible then we will make every effort to escalate the issue with NetSuite as soon as we become aware of it.