NetSuite Implementation Services

A successful implementation is key to achieving your required return on investment. BlueBridge One has a successful track record of implementing solutions in small and midsize organisations. We use industry-sector best practices to help improve your business processes. Our in-depth knowledge of the applications we support, together with specific industry-sector experience, enables us to provide end-to-end solutions that optimise your individual business processes. Our implementation approach varies depending on the size of the client and on level of participation required of us:

Managed Implementation

Full Life-Cycle Implementation Approach for Mid-Size Companies - BlueBridge One makes use of a well-established methodology for planning and executing software implementation projects. We work with Client staff to ensure a rapid, smooth implementation with minimum disruption to the business. Our “best practice” approach to implementation is based around us applying industry related experience gained from similar projects together with the use of pre-configured “best practice” templates. We treat the implementation as a joint venture between our Team and the Client's Team. The level of participation of Client staff is tailored around their expertise and experience.

Implementation Methodology

Each project has a project team. The project team can comprise of one or more consultants. A Project Manager is allocated to manage the project. They are responsible for both ensuring that the project achieves its various milestones as set out in a pre-agreed project plan and for communication between the Client and BlueBridge One.  In some circumstances the Project Manager may also perform some of the consultancy services themselves.

Self Implementation

Fixed Price Self Implementation for Smaller Companies - Most smaller companies are faced with limited budgets when implementing systems. Our Self Implementation methodology takes this constraint in to account while at the same time provides a level of assurance that the implementation will be a success. This approach involves the Client undertaking most of the project work themselves but with BlueBridge One providing advice at key stages during the project life cycle. Typically these key stages would include the design and process mapping stage, an interim assessment stage and administrator training but this may vary depending on individual client requirements.