Omni Channel Commerce

Extend your Brand to Any Device, Any Site, Any Country and Any Business Model

The explosion of internet-enabled devices means your products are never more than a click away from shoppers, wherever they are. Consumers expect an optimized experience from any digital touchpoint at any time. SuiteCommerce's Commerce as a Service (CaaS) architecture allows you to create a great online shopping experience and deliver it across any site, any device, any country and supporting any business model without any limitations.

Key Benefits

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  • Deliver device-optimized online shopping experiences with SuiteCommerce's responsive design principles
  • Extend your footprint by selling through multiple brands atop a single ecommerce platform tied directly to your operational business systems
  • Expand your online business by selling in multiple languages and/or currencies
  • Service any type of customer—small or large, individual (B2C) or business (B2B).

Fast and Flexible

Your brand is your business and your web store is the face of your brand. SuiteCommerce allows you to place every pixel exactly where you want on a page and delivers sub-second response times, ensuring you can build the customer experience you want.


While the iPhone and the iPad dominate the headlines, they are just the first wave in a flood of new devices that consumers will be using. As such, NetSuite has built responsive design principles into its web store to allow your site to automatically adjust to different devices. Most important, we've removed any design limits that would prevent your site from delivering great shopping experiences on any future device.

Multi-language, Multi-brand, Multi-currency

SuiteCommerce lets you capitalize on any business opportunity, whether it be a new market entry or the development of an entirely new product line. NetSuite supports 19 languages, more than 190 currencies and taxation compliance for over 40 countries, empowering your brand for global growth. And with NetSuite OneWorld, you can manage all your worldwide business from a single system.

B2C and B2B eCommerce on a Single Platform

SuiteCommerce was built to support the needs of both B2B and B2C ecommerce from a single platform. Using its unlimited design flexibility, B2C sites can create the relevant, engaging experiences shoppers expect while B2B sites can support the growing trend of consumerization of business technology. And because they are built on the same ecommerce platform, companies can develop new channels and business models with a dramatically lower investment and without the need to maintain separate systems.
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