Customer Insight

Put Your Customers at the Center of Your Business

Leading businesses put the customer at the center of every decision. NetSuite SuiteCommerce is the first ecommerce system designed around all your customers, both consumers and other businesses. By building on the customer system of record, companies achieve unprecedented visibility into their customers and are able to drive strategic marketing, merchandising and promotions based upon any customer interaction.

SuiteCommerce delivers a competitive advantage that's difficult to achieve with the previous generation siloed ecommerce solutions. Use cross-channel customer information as well as back-office financial data to drive merchandising and promotions.

Key Benefits

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  • Quantify customer lifetime value by flowing all transactions through your commerce system
  • Increase sales through targeted promotions and merchandising based on any customer or product attribute
  • Build rich customer profiles including an individual's online behavior, such as items browsed, carted or added to a wish list, referring sites or keywords, returns history and ratings and reviews
  • Segment customers to drive personalized offers and merchandising through on-site recommendations and email marketing
  • Improve marketing ROI with real-time visibility into all costs including downstream operational expenses.

Rich Customer Profile

As the system of record for customer data across every channel, NetSuite holds the full order history for a customer. But beyond orders, our SuiteCommerce web store continuously builds rich customer profiles based on behaviors and interactions on your site, including referring sites, products browsed, carted or added to a wish list, and ratings and reviews. These rich profiles can be made available to sales, marketing and support personnel, ensuring that your interactions with a customer—online, in-store or on the phone—are based upon full customer visibility.

Lifetime Customer Value

Traditional ecommerce platforms paint only a partial picture of customer lifetime value, in terms of total transaction value. NetSuite, as your financial system of record, allows you to paint a complete picture of the customer in terms of profitability. By quantifying promotional and marketing costs and product margin, you can make more educated decisions about your marketing spend, targeting the avenues and customer segments that are most profitable.


SuiteCommerce offers a range of tools to ensure you are selling the right product at the right time. Brands wishing to offer a curated shopping experience can set up manual cross-sells and upsells while merchants with larger product catalogs have the option to automate cross-sells and upsells based on sales correlation data. SuiteCommerce gives you the flexibility to build sophisticated merchandising rules based on user behaviors, or data held in back-office systems such as margin and overstock.


Promotions are a powerful capability to acquire new customers and increase conversion and average order value; many brands view their promotional strategy is a core differentiator of their business. SuiteCommerce offers industry-leading ability to target promotions based on any shopper segment or product characteristic with automatically scheduled expiration. Further, promotions can offer a range of incentives from Buy X, Get Y, to cart size offers and percentage off. All promotions can be controlled by business users, ensuring your promotions evolve as quickly as your customers and your business.

Self-Service Commerce Center

NetSuite Commerce Center lets you extend rich self-service to meet customer demand for 24/7 access from any device. With Commerce Center, B2C and B2B customers can view prior orders (online or offline), manage payment methods, see open cases, manage returns and more. Because it's built on the SuiteCloud Development Platform, Commerce Center gives you virtually unlimited flexibility to customize self-service to meet the unique needs of your customers and your business.


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