Real-time inventory management with M2M remote monitoring


For many the Internet of Things (IoT) is a new phenomenon led by wearable tech and home automation. The truth is M2M has been exploiting the possibilities provided by internet connected smart devices for a little while now. For multichannel businesses M2M plays a significant role in shaping overall operational efficiency by enabling customer service end-points and key stock locations to be remotely monitored.

Better efficiency and customer service with M2M from BlueBridge One

Using rules based policies NetSuite takes the outputs from M2M communication and performs automated routine tasks. This creates efficiency and eliminates the need for human intervention to trigger basic inventory management processes such as the creation of purchase orders for re-stocking. NetSuite does it all for you once stock levels fall to those defined in the rules.

BlueBridge One lets wholesale distribution businesses integrate M2M within their processes and workflows. Whether it’s a factory-floor vending of disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or warehouse SKU control, M2M ultimately drives higher levels of customer service by helping to ensure out of stock situations are minimised.

BlueBridge One M2M specialists for wholesale distribution

BlueBridge One is an expert at implementing M2M alongside NetSuite to support operational efficiency in distribution businesses. Efficiency and customer service gains are likely to drive the increasing use of M2M connected devices, so it is advisable to implement M2M as soon as possible to prevent getting left behind.

Selecting BlueBridge One for delivering M2M and NetSuite means wholesale and distribution businesses gain not only M2M, but also outstanding experience in delivering the benefits of NetSuite for In-Store and online.

BlueBridge Services for M2M

  • Best practice advice on implementing M2M
  • M2M wired and wireless hardware integration
  • Integration to 3PL (Third party logistics) managed warehouses