Case Study - Backup Direct


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The Challenges:

Backup Direct enables UK businesses to easily archive and restore enterprise data online, without the need for complicated in-house technology. The company needed a similar approach to keep its expanding accounts organised and under control, hoping to avoid costly overhead. "When we started up, we were using QuickBooks for accounting and Outlook for contact management, but that was only good for when we really were a startup," Raynes says. "It was not that we hit a brick wall, but I've run businesses before and I saw that systems were going to be critical to whether we were going to be able to scale the business profitably or not."

To help manage a nationwide, mission-critical service for business clients, many different people had to be able to help any kind of customer in any way at any time. "We have to be able to work from multiple locations, and be multi-purpose," Raynes says.

Integrity was of paramount importance given the company's own offering. "As a backup company, we're constantly preaching the value of business data and how important it was to have it all backed up, so we also wanted to go with what we knew would work, and know that key areas of our business data would be protected."

The Results:

Backup Direct, an IT outsourcing service focused on the data backup needs of small and mid-sized businesses, deployed NetSuite in 2004 to manage its rapidly-growing operations.

NetSuite has allowed Backup Direct to grow without adding numerous administrative staff or compromising its own operational integrity. Using role-based permissions, Backup Direct's NetSuite users can gain access to the right data and functionality to support a myriad of customer requests and needs every day. "We couldn't just have one person in charge of support and another in charge of billing. We had to support multi-function, multi-capable staff," says Brett Raynes, company director.

Backup Direct's customers now receive top-flight service from professionals who have access to everything they need to know about a customer, no matter the situation. "Whether you call the support line or customer service or sales, that person is able to see all relevant information about them — and most importantly, tell them, 'yes, your backups are continuing as normal.'"


View Download the full case study