About Us

Our mission is to help customers grow by delivering value-adding business solutions by leveraging innovative technology and applying sound business principles.

Stability and Experience

In 2003 BlueBridge One was the very first NetSuite solution provider to be appointed in the UK. Since then we have helped hundreds of customers, in various industry sectors, successfully deploy NetSuite’s end-to-end business platform across their organisations. Today we service more NetSuite customers than any other Solution Provider in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.  Our low rate of employee turnover means that we are continually able to build on the knowledge of our team of product and industry sector specialists. BlueBridge One is an accredited NetSuite Solution Provider and NetSuite Solution Development Partner.

Customer Care

At BlueBridge One we take pride in seeing our customers grow and prosper on the back of systems that we have helped them design and implement. Retaining these customers for the long-term is a top priority for us and is key to our ongoing success and growth. To help achieve this we invest heavily in our customer support infrastructure much of which we use to provide a free support service to our customers that includes telephone and email support, access to our online knowledgebase and general advice on managing your NetSuite account.

Best Practice Service Delivery

A successful implementation is key to optimising your investment in technology. At BlueBridge One we have a successful track record of implementing solutions for growing and midsize organisations which are backed up by numerous customer success stories. Our implementation process includes applying industry-sector best practices to help improve your business processes and use of the NetSuite One implementation methodology to ensure a structured well managed implementation.


BlueBridge One is wholly owned by key employees that are actively involved in the business on a day-to-day basis. With no potential interference from other outside interests and with solid financial reserves built on the back of average annual organic earnings growth exceeding 40% over the last five years, BlueBridge One is free to pursue the best interests of its customer base.

Our People

We have a team of dedicated NetSuite specialists with many years of combined industry and product expertise. Our team of NetSuite professionals help you get up and running quickly and ensures that you get continuous value from your NetSuite investment.